Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sexy Saturday #7: Halloween Special

I don't know about you, but I have had a shitty week. Work, personal problems, physical problems, money, family, blah blah. But none of that compares to the loss of a baby boy. Preggers, one of my best girl friends, became a mother this week. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Wednesday. He was stillborn. Nothing can express the sadness I have for her and her husband. But life goes on, they're doing ok. Home and trying for normalcy.

And thats what I should be doing. I'm sad, she is the closest thing to a sister that I have, (I'm an only child) and I would have loved to be an Aunt. Next time right?

But back to the old routiene! Cause after all, tomorrow is another day! Not only is today Sexy Saturday, but it's Halloween!!! My favorite holiday, always has been. After working for a few hours (in costume) Pretty Lady and I plan on driving down to Columbus for some fun times. Drinks, dancing, live band, corset, heals, witch costume...good times will be had. I'll tweet and maybe post some pics!

This Sexy Saturday, being on a holiday and all, I attempted to find something really cool. Maybe I should have saved Zombie Porn for today... if it makes you feel better you should run over to Burning Angel and watch Dong of the Dead. But this week's photo comes from my favorite photographer on dA (who thinks I'm adorable) Michael Helms.

Shai is so long and lean looking, shes perfect for an elf. Love love LOVE the way the sun is filtering through the cloak. She makes me like elves...cause honestly I'm not a fan. (Dagorhir people who know me will understand)

So no, the photo isn't bloody, or raunchy, or typical, or traditional. I still find it approate for Halloween tho! Some other great themed photos in their Daily Deviations today.

Have a happy and SAFE Halloween everyone!!! And as always....Click links to artists and models! Don't be a douche and steal photos!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Hump Day #4

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009. Yet again another hump day. But I can’t really call this Wednesday a bad day. This week has yet to truly suck. Sure some things went down…but that happens. I’m staying positive.

Why doesn’t this Wednesday suck you ask? Because I had 4 days off, including Monday. I spent my weekend with Preggers, Pretty Lady, Soldier Boy and my family. Dinners, movies, light shopping, playing and becoming obsessed with Fable II on Xbox (I now officially need a Xbox). I squeezed as much good times in my mini vacation as I could. So when I went back to work on Tuesday, in the afternoon, it didn’t suck. It was like Monday…but a it came on a non-shitty Tuesday afternoon. Ya know? Does that make sense? Maybe not…either way it didn’t suck. But I work retail, and our late hours start November 1st. Now THAT sucks. But that should mean more hours for me, which equals more money, which equals me not becoming a Lady of the Night. I know you’re disappointed.

For those who are having a shitty week…I’m sorry. Let me provide a little comic relief. Yes I know nudes and/or tits would make it better…but….too bad! That’s a Saturday thing.

So as you know I'm an Ohio girl. And I'm one of the few that actually loves living in Ohio. I live in rural Ohio, with all the Amish. Pimp...I know. So when I saw this, I lol'd cause it so very true. The rest of her stuff is pretty damn awesome. Check her gallery out on DevientART.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sexy Saturday #6

So I'm sure you heard that the lovely, talented, bedroom eyed, raven haired, great assed, smokin' hot Sasha Gray has been named Genesis' #1 Pornstar on their Porn Top 100 listy doo-dad. I think I approve of their choice. I enjoy watching Sasha do her thing on camera, I especially like her tweets and the new stuff shes coming up with her own production company.

With all that in mind why not jump on the band wagon and make her my Sexy Saturday huh? I planned on it eventually. Ya see I found this awesome gif....


Yeah dude. I love her expression, same one I get when in a headlock getting ass fucked. Ya see why shes number one? If you don't...whatever fuck you.

I really need and want to see The Girlfriend Experience. I hear good things...

Let me tell you something...

I'm happy despite this pit of depression. I choose to behave or not to; choose when I'm a good girl or a bad girl. I choose peace over "war" because I can't stand any more betrayal and pain. I rely and trust in no one cause I learn from my mistakes; and yet everyone rely and trust in me. I choose the hard way when something simple is standing in front of me, with hands groping for me, reaching out for me, because I'm stubborn and hopeless. I wait for it patiently, but complain all the while. I run wild, but always come home to you and my own bed; whether you're there keeping it warm or its cold once again. I'm random when it's appropriate. I follow up but don't follow through. I write in sharpie but carry white-out. I'm loved but alone. Alone but not lonely. Forgiving but not forgetful. I'm your dream girl but I'll never be yours. The best you'll ever have and never get all of it ever again. I live every moment, enjoying the little ones, so that when the big one comes along I'll know how to react. I'm not fucked up, you are. And life is too simple and short to stand so still.

Deal with it friend, love me as I love you, don't let go, and enjoy my ride.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hump Day #3; The Good, The Bad, and My 99 Problems

Bad Shit: My body hurts from working so much (I need better shoes), I need to get fucked like a desperate $2 crack-head hooker (no offence to $2 crack-head hookers), I feel as though I'm coming down with a cold (thank you retail), I'm poor as FUCK (God damn student loans), My room is a mess and my OCD is about to kick in.

Good Shit: The sun is shinning, I am loved and adored, Ohio is having an Indian Summer, I've been getting good hours at work, Halloween fun-ness looks promising, and I have at least 3 days off coming up. I'll be getting a real weekend!! I can clean!! But I know I won't be getting laid. Can't get everything you want, right?

So Wednesday...middle of the week...Hump Day on my blog. What laugh am I providing you? It goes along with my little rant. I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one! Word...

99 problems

I lul'd

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sexy Saturday #5

Oh Sexy come and go too quickly. It always seem to be the problem huh...I know I've had my share with something coming too quickly. This time I'm actually early. By a few minutes.

Well I've had a simple, disappointing and yet fun week. So what did I pick for this weeks feature? Something that reflects this week (simple, disappointing and yet fun).

How is it simple you ask? Well...look at it. Its one girl licking another. Its a tease. Sure, there must be more to it but unless you have sauce (the movie/clip from whence this came from) its a a simple, and disappointing tease! See what I did thar? I love that I found this, but disappointed that I don't have the full clip. I'm intrigued...wants to see more! And yes...its a fun lil gif. I giggled when I clicked it. BTW...chick the pic to see it move. ;-)

So there you have it. Sexy Saturday. One girl licking another. Sure got me frisky!

I'll be in my bunk....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hump Day #2

Happy Hump Day!!! *humps air*

Mine sucked balls! Thats cause Wednesday always sucks. Plans fell through, long work day, it's fucking cold, I have nothing clean, nothing fits (at least its too big vs too small). But I have the next few days off. I'll make this week not suck. I'm determined.

So this made me laugh yesterday...I watched it this eve when I got home from my long ass work day of unpacking freight. You will laugh too. Thanks to my friend Rooster.

Sweet lemonade, yes sweet lemonade.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sexy Saturday #4

I did it again...lets just pretend that Sunday is Saturday. That means you get a whole extra day of weekend! You have my permission to get drunk tonight and sleep it off tomorrow. If you get fired for not going into work tomorrow, don't blame me. Cause I'll be at work like a responsible adult. So even though I had Friday and Saturday off, I work today. Which is ok, Sundays in retail (in Hickville at least) last from 12-5. On top of working all week, I've been helping Preggers with a local theater production. Small small SMALL show, I'm helping with lights and pushing the "play" button on the CD player. But I got to have some fun with an old friend who came into town. Got a lil silly...played some silly guitar hero. I'm no good at it drunk...

Ok...done rambling. On to the sex. No sex for me. Its been almost 2 months. I'm being a good sucks. But this girl had sex! You can tell. Why? Cause theres cum all over her face...jeeze...

I found this photo while looking for new wallpaper for my new(ish) laptop. (fuck yeah laptop for $25!) And I found this. Instantly saved it. Because I'm a horny, dirty, sick, twisted, adorable lady. And you like it.

Its a great photo dudes, looks greats as your desktop wallpaper. I have new obsession about porn and/or erotic photos in black and white. The lack of color makes them less dirty. Don't ask...just accept that its true. Believe it or not, her eyes were the first thing that I saw. So wide and open, you know she isn't gun shy. Not only is this a fucking hot photo, its a beautifully shaded. The lights and darks, the shadows on her face...reminds me of that morning BJ. Warm morning sun streaming across naked bodies, falling back asleep afterwords, waking up and making some breakfast. mmmm....

I think I'm finished here. =)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hump Day #1

Ah yes...Wednesday. Hump Day if you will. The day "full of woe". Named for the Norse god Woden, and the Roman god Mercury. Ok...I'll stop with the history lesson, you can read about it here.

I learned (yesterday, but its just now setting in) that Solder Boy is going off to war in about a year. Next weekend he go through mobilization training and before you know it he'll be playing medic with infantry up in Northern Afghanistan. I am not a happy camper. Yes, I know we're not a couple anymore, but he'll always have that little bit of my heart. He is my best friend and first love. No one else knows me better than him right now. I don't even want to think about what happens if...

Anywho, since wednesday is known to be a Debbie Downer I thought I'd post something fun and uplifting. And since Zaccy the Soldier Boy is leaving in a year (it will fly by) I went with a military theme.

P.S: I'm a dirty, liberal, hippie (which Zac makes fun of, its amusing, but I shower thus am attractive). War is bad, but I love our soldiers. And I love this website.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sexy Saturday #3 Zombie Dick!!!!

So guess who forgot that today is Sunday, making yesterday Saturday, and that day when I usually pre-write sexy Saturdays posts, aka Friday, was spent with her girlfriends watching Across the Universe and playing Guitar Hero.

I'm a very bad girl...I'm late a day. And since I'm a bad, bad, girl I'll feature a dirty, nasty, filthy, and slightly disturbing photos I found somewhere anonymous.

I guess these photos show my fucked up side. I saw these and my brain 'sploded. My mind said "These are fuuuuuucked up!!" and my body said "These are HOT! Touch yourself. it you slut!" And I did. And I saved the photos for later use.

Those Japanese and their dirty Henti. Zombie sex?! Well, some is sex, some is rape. What do you expect! They're zombies. It makes it that much more fucked up and hot. I like to think that they're moaning about vagina instead of brains. Maybe they end up eating vag THEN brains...this is something ponder. I'm diggin the "armor". Its obvious that the ladies were sent to fight the huge dicked zombies, failed, and ended up gettin their pussies stuffed with zombie cock. If I could get a hold of the actual movie or comic I would soooooo love to have it. (sauce plox) Number five is my favorite. heehee....