Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sexy Saturday #7: Halloween Special

I don't know about you, but I have had a shitty week. Work, personal problems, physical problems, money, family, blah blah. But none of that compares to the loss of a baby boy. Preggers, one of my best girl friends, became a mother this week. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Wednesday. He was stillborn. Nothing can express the sadness I have for her and her husband. But life goes on, they're doing ok. Home and trying for normalcy.

And thats what I should be doing. I'm sad, she is the closest thing to a sister that I have, (I'm an only child) and I would have loved to be an Aunt. Next time right?

But back to the old routiene! Cause after all, tomorrow is another day! Not only is today Sexy Saturday, but it's Halloween!!! My favorite holiday, always has been. After working for a few hours (in costume) Pretty Lady and I plan on driving down to Columbus for some fun times. Drinks, dancing, live band, corset, heals, witch costume...good times will be had. I'll tweet and maybe post some pics!

This Sexy Saturday, being on a holiday and all, I attempted to find something really cool. Maybe I should have saved Zombie Porn for today... if it makes you feel better you should run over to Burning Angel and watch Dong of the Dead. But this week's photo comes from my favorite photographer on dA (who thinks I'm adorable) Michael Helms.

Shai is so long and lean looking, shes perfect for an elf. Love love LOVE the way the sun is filtering through the cloak. She makes me like elves...cause honestly I'm not a fan. (Dagorhir people who know me will understand)

So no, the photo isn't bloody, or raunchy, or typical, or traditional. I still find it approate for Halloween tho! Some other great themed photos in their Daily Deviations today.

Have a happy and SAFE Halloween everyone!!! And as always....Click links to artists and models! Don't be a douche and steal photos!!!

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