Friday, October 23, 2009

Sexy Saturday #6

So I'm sure you heard that the lovely, talented, bedroom eyed, raven haired, great assed, smokin' hot Sasha Gray has been named Genesis' #1 Pornstar on their Porn Top 100 listy doo-dad. I think I approve of their choice. I enjoy watching Sasha do her thing on camera, I especially like her tweets and the new stuff shes coming up with her own production company.

With all that in mind why not jump on the band wagon and make her my Sexy Saturday huh? I planned on it eventually. Ya see I found this awesome gif....


Yeah dude. I love her expression, same one I get when in a headlock getting ass fucked. Ya see why shes number one? If you don't...whatever fuck you.

I really need and want to see The Girlfriend Experience. I hear good things...


  1. whatever dude, fuck you. She's gorgeous. Got an ass that just won't quit and legs for miles.