Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blah blah..Oh look!! Something adorable!

I keep telling myself to sit down with my laptop, get comfortable, and write a damn blog entry. Then I convince myself that its pointless to do so since I have nothing to write about. And yet here I am. Writing about nothing. Rambling about...nothing.

Well, since April 30th, I've gone on vacation, worked as much as fucking corporate will allow me, did housewifey things (a girl has gotta practice), gardened, went to the county fair, made homemade pickles, and canned potatoes. Interesting huh? Its not, I know.

Oh!! I just thought of something! Last night, while drinking at the bar with some friends, I came to realize that I'm  extremely dirty, and yet adorable and innocent. Example; We're discussing porn, sex, and curing women's "Hysteria" during the Victorian age (cause we're dirty-minded history nerds). I turn and see a puppy-dog. Mid-sentence, I transform into the girliest 10 year old ever. The estrogen knob is turned up to 11 (kek), and I exclaim "Look at the puppy!" in such a high bitch squeal that the said puppy's ears would bleed. Which would be super sad, mind you. Puppy is fine, don't worry. It was a block away. Maybe this is why my 12 year old puppy is deaf now...hmm...   Back to my story! Immediately after my outburst, with no segueway, I return to the current subject of sex and prostution in Antient Greece. To much amusement of my friends. My closest friends are used to this, but still entertained by it all.

I have no real ending to that story. Saw a few more doggies, above reaction was repeated.

Next week: The County Fair and Deep Fried Deliciousness