Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sexy Saturday #3 Zombie Dick!!!!

So guess who forgot that today is Sunday, making yesterday Saturday, and that day when I usually pre-write sexy Saturdays posts, aka Friday, was spent with her girlfriends watching Across the Universe and playing Guitar Hero.

I'm a very bad girl...I'm late a day. And since I'm a bad, bad, girl I'll feature a dirty, nasty, filthy, and slightly disturbing photos I found somewhere anonymous.

I guess these photos show my fucked up side. I saw these and my brain 'sploded. My mind said "These are fuuuuuucked up!!" and my body said "These are HOT! Touch yourself. it you slut!" And I did. And I saved the photos for later use.

Those Japanese and their dirty Henti. Zombie sex?! Well, some is sex, some is rape. What do you expect! They're zombies. It makes it that much more fucked up and hot. I like to think that they're moaning about vagina instead of brains. Maybe they end up eating vag THEN brains...this is something ponder. I'm diggin the "armor". Its obvious that the ladies were sent to fight the huge dicked zombies, failed, and ended up gettin their pussies stuffed with zombie cock. If I could get a hold of the actual movie or comic I would soooooo love to have it. (sauce plox) Number five is my favorite. heehee....

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