Friday, October 23, 2009

Let me tell you something...

I'm happy despite this pit of depression. I choose to behave or not to; choose when I'm a good girl or a bad girl. I choose peace over "war" because I can't stand any more betrayal and pain. I rely and trust in no one cause I learn from my mistakes; and yet everyone rely and trust in me. I choose the hard way when something simple is standing in front of me, with hands groping for me, reaching out for me, because I'm stubborn and hopeless. I wait for it patiently, but complain all the while. I run wild, but always come home to you and my own bed; whether you're there keeping it warm or its cold once again. I'm random when it's appropriate. I follow up but don't follow through. I write in sharpie but carry white-out. I'm loved but alone. Alone but not lonely. Forgiving but not forgetful. I'm your dream girl but I'll never be yours. The best you'll ever have and never get all of it ever again. I live every moment, enjoying the little ones, so that when the big one comes along I'll know how to react. I'm not fucked up, you are. And life is too simple and short to stand so still.

Deal with it friend, love me as I love you, don't let go, and enjoy my ride.

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