Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is why I walk to the bar

"Wygle was charged with driving the bar stool while under the influence of alcohol and driving while under suspension. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges and asked for a jury trial. No court date has been set."
By Randy Ludlow,
DUI charge is filed, but man never left bar stool

This happened in Newark, Ohio...23 miles from my little rural town. Or in "Ohio miles"; 40 minutes away. Here in Ohio we don't measure distance in miles, it's in time. Makes sense to me. Fuck you guys who think its dumb. Anyway, back to my point. Yes I had one. Not everybody in this area (and down in Newark, also pronounced Nerrk) are gun-toting-hog-owning-racist-bigoted-drunk-white trash-assholes. But honestly, this story made me giggle. It's a silly idea and I could prolly see someone I know doing this. *sigh*

I just wanted to share this story, point out that I'm from the area, and that not everyone from here is...dumb.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I am secrets untold

(pictured above, Joatoms)
This dude...we call him Jo...is an "interesting" character. A kind, older gentleman, with that sick, dirty sense of humor that all in our circle have. He joined our ranks recently, bribed us with some delicious booze and charmed us with poems about ourselves. They're too amusing not to share. I am especially intrigued by mine.

(pictured above, Radnor The Baby Raper)
Radnor Shall Rage

Teeth of silver,
horns of jade,
dead baby's bones
Radnor shall rage

Death draws near,
The heat gives hint,
Fire, acid, spewing forth,
Radnor has been sent.

blood on her hands,
And blood on her breath,
But guilt she has not,
Because she loves death.

(Pictured above, Loki)
Loki's Counterfeit Soul

Before you mess with her...there's some things ya should know,
Don't ever fuck with lokis counterfeit Soul...
As quiet as she may be,and sane as she might look..
Stay clear of her wraith...or your body on a hook.
With inner demons like lions to the slaughter...
Your soul will beg for her mercy..your life to cower..
Now I hope you have changed your mind about fucking with her...
Don't know what's your fucking with..you'll see.

(Pictured above, Boz)
Joint in my maw,
drink in my hand,
whore on my lap,
yeah, I've made the score,
in this green land,
lost in dual insanity
without a care,
flogging a Care Bear,
drinking pessimism
as a matter of course.
No help around the corner,
because the problem is not there,
it does not exist,
even to the pessimist,
so take it and enjoy,
live and cry,
take it and die.

(pictured above, Loki and Jester)
An arseole the other day
said they could read me every way,
read me like a bloody book
until from them the life I shook.

Every pleasure in their eyes was gone
as they traveled to oblivion,
and I shed not a tear
as I laughed at their fear.

(Pictured above, Awry, Me)
I am the poison in your veins,
the stride in your walk,
the damp between your thighs,
I hold your reins,
I control your talk,
I fill your pies.

I am secrets untold,
and your fate I hold,
I am not a fantasy,
I am your destiny

(Pictured above, Blackhawk, Non-Militia)
I am a dark sparrow,
A nights raven,
An angel with black wings.
The hawk of black
I am little dark me,
And that’s all I can be.
Please don’t try to change me,
What I am can not be reversed.
I know my fate,
I know I’m cursed.
I’ve been manipulated,
By his blood I’ve been intoxicated.
I’m not sorry or ashamed.
I am what I am because I was betrayed.
But it turned out that I was deceived in the best way.
I’m happy as I am.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get Schooled

One must be aware of all internet traditions. Educate yourself.

My favorite

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Aim Is True

I don’t know why I enjoy writing disjointed, list form, and random thought journal entries. Maybe it’s because that how I think, it’s how I process my world.

I built a pantry yesterday for my mother. Yes it was one of those from the box things, but I still got to use a cordless drill and stuff. OCD wins when you’re building. That shit is straight, even and level. Looks good, holds lost of things thus opening up the kitchen more and allowing us to be more organized and less cluttered.

Which brings me to my next thought, clutter. We have too much. As a family I mean. The front room, Mom’s room, is ok. Dad’s room looks like a warehouse. Goddamn I hate that room. Shit is just everywhere. Dropped ceilings, dark wood paneling, computer parts, tobacco and filters (we roll our own), CD’s…and everything is covered in a fine layer of dust, ash and the smell of smoke.

Thus my need to overhaul my upstairs rooms. By bedroom isn’t bad. A few things need to go, but after the bed bugs I tend to keep it orderly and clean. My living room is a whole other story. I have too much crap, saved up over the years. Many of it useless, some of it hold memories, and then the rest just needs to find a real home. I want to paint, I want to rearrange, I want to cut back my useless possessions. I want to better display my books.

On to my next thought. (I like how this is flowing, like I planned it!) Books, reading. I need more of this. I have the time but instead I do what most people my age do in this culture. I sit in front of my computer screen or TV (sometimes both) and I click away at pointless things. I’m a slow reader, and a distracted reader. I tend to read 3 maybe 4 books at once, but somehow without confusing any. I think this comes from reading one book for school, one light read for bed and another more difficult one. I read in the morning, with my coffee. It’s bliss. Used to read at the clubhouse while working. Something about reading while at work make me want to read more. I would read at work then when my shift was up I’d go home and read more until dinner. Sounds like I need to be busy to allow myself the luxury of sitting down for a few hours to read. Lord knows I still have no job.

Aaaaaaand onto the next topic! Jobs, work, career ect. I’m hired at my local Fashion Bug, but have yet to start. Still waiting for my last reference to pick up the damn phone and tell them how awesome I am. I assume the background check went well. I need to start working, not just for money, but because I like to work. When I work I stay active, I eat healthier, I exercise, I want to look and feel good because I have a reason to do so.

And now for a list of random thoughts:
  • I love classical music; Night on Bald Mountain was a favorite as a child.
  • I can’t wait for there to be fresh fruit from our farmers market.
  • I want an apartment in the city, but I adore this town.
  • Jethro Tull is fucking bad ass.
  • I can’t stop watching How I Met Your Mother, Barney is so funny!!
  • I hate yard work. No…loathe it. And yet tomorrow I’m volunteering to do it tomorrow.
  • I’m a great daughter.
  • I’m the best thing that could ever happen to you.
  • And I’m the best catch in the sea.

So I think those are my semi-random thoughts of the day (more like the past weekend). Time for a smoke and some groovy music.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crush Kill and Destroy!

Before I blog about my road trip to Georgia, I fell like I should explain Dagorhir. (even if no one read this *cry* *slash wrists* sorry...emo time is over)

Dagorhir, in my own words: Medieval/fantasy/D&D/Tolkien inspired full contact combat played with foam weapons. One dresses in garb (a costume), adopts a persona and name and becomes that “person”. It's kinda epic. Just sayin. There are many units and groups; evil, good, mercs, human, elf, orc, other...anything you can really think of. But there is no Sci-fi...you can't be from space. There are events all over the country, many in the Midwest area, and the most epic and largest is Ragnarok. Thousands come out, camp, party and camp for a week. Battles are had, tournaments, and parties rage on. Oh and I mention the parties? There are a lot of parties. But the best part is falling asleep to the drums in your tent cuddled up with someone. * sigh *

Now then...my unit (lol unit), The Militia. A rapidly growing group of evil personas, once known as a rag tag of degenerates, infamous for causing trouble and the occasional explosion. Now a days we’re somewhat organized (or attempting to be) and kicking some major ass on the field. People fear us. And we throw a kick ass party with booze and boobs. That’s what it’s all about right?

We do not LARP (Live Action Role Play). Some Dag kids would like to, and they’re welcome to. They form groups within groups to do so. I’m more into the fighting, people, parties and camping.

Yes we’re geeks…but at least we’re not these people.

Need more info that isn't by Dag kids? In need of a creditable source like a TV show featured on The Discovery Channel? Well you're in luck Mister!! Wreckreation Nation did a lovely piece on us, represent us quite well. Give it a lil watch! Part one and Part two.

Few last plugs... Dagorhir and Militia. All kinds of win.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The stained-glass curtain you're hiding behind never lets in the sun

I'm feeling sappy and snuggley...not sure why. Maybe it's the fact that I'm home alone on a Saturday night. oh boo hoo..Shut up, stop complaining.

Today was a good day! Shopped with mom, she got me food for Ides. (IDES IDES IDES IIIIIDEEEESSSSS) I'll get my snuggle fix there for sure. =) Got a job interview set up for wednesday!!! At Fashion Bug. Retail...eh...but I know everyone who works there, they love me and they think I'd be perfect. Positive thinking everyone!! And what am I gonna wear?!

I really want that cigarette now. Must be strong!!! I'm doing so well! *head desk* Zac pointed out that whenever Char calls I need a smoke. He's absolutely correct. What is it about smoking and talking on the phone? During...after...or both...whatever...but I haven't smoked. My last cig is just sitting on my keyboard...mocking me...

Not smoking at Ides is gonna be hard. All those bastards with their delicious smokes...feeding the nicotine demon...damn I want one so bad now! But I've been having trouble catching my breath/breathing. Lungs hurt...it's time to stop. Never should have started. I know that I've quit when I break this last smoke in two. Not ready yet. It's like sleeping with an ex, ya can't quite let go of that feeling. They know what you need and exactly how to get you there. Usually.

Fuck...wheres my gum.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I think you're just so pleasant

My mother...no matter how needy, annoying, stubborn, and ditzy she is...she's still fucking awesome. Who is paying for my entry, gas money and food for Ides of March? Her. Who is emptying her pocket change every day into my gargoyle bank for Ragnarok? Her. Who would drop anything to help and give me anything when I needed it the most? Her. She's super supportive, my best friend and the most giving person in the world. Love my mama. =)

She and I will be going out to play this weekend. Mr Weather Man said it was gonna be nice. We'll get our weekly supply of meat, pack a picnic, stop by DQ, and do some antiquing. A typical mother daughter saturday. =)

Been preparing for Ides for the past few days. Set up the tent, did repairs, cleaned stuff, packed (kinda) the camping tool kit, made up my skull stencil so that I may paint it on my chair. I'm doing everything I can to stay busy and not actually pack my bags.

This weekend, maybe tomorrow, I really need to watch and review a porn. I've fallen so behind. But shit...they ain't paying me so...yea. I really enjoy writing and reviewing. I forgot how much I liked it. Used to do it all the time in high school and before. Hell, I used to want to be a writer. Hmmmm...might be something I should look into. Lets move to the city and write for a blog or mag! Yea...that'll happen.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Mamas

Friends are getting married...and then pregnant...

If I would have stayed with him I betcha I'd be engaged right now. Or married. But definitely not carrying an alien in my uterus. Thank GOD I'm not. Not ready...and not stupid.

Makes a single girl seek out Planned Parenthood to get herself some birth control. Just as a precaution. Don't get me wrong, I like kids. Don't love...I like. I'll love my kids though. But I want to love them when I'm pushing 30's, married, with a stable job and possibly a house.

Yea...fuck that shit...gimmie da pill man!

Shorter bleeding times would be nice too.

I'm happy for my friends who are going to have or have had babies. Yay for them.

I charge for babysitting.

Hope Lee's ugly genetics isn't the dominate one...that child would be "special".

9 months til I'm Auntie Whoo. And possibly (if Lee isn't a dickwad...which he will be...) a Godmother (?!?!)