Friday, October 16, 2009

Sexy Saturday #5

Oh Sexy come and go too quickly. It always seem to be the problem huh...I know I've had my share with something coming too quickly. This time I'm actually early. By a few minutes.

Well I've had a simple, disappointing and yet fun week. So what did I pick for this weeks feature? Something that reflects this week (simple, disappointing and yet fun).

How is it simple you ask? Well...look at it. Its one girl licking another. Its a tease. Sure, there must be more to it but unless you have sauce (the movie/clip from whence this came from) its a a simple, and disappointing tease! See what I did thar? I love that I found this, but disappointed that I don't have the full clip. I'm intrigued...wants to see more! And yes...its a fun lil gif. I giggled when I clicked it. BTW...chick the pic to see it move. ;-)

So there you have it. Sexy Saturday. One girl licking another. Sure got me frisky!

I'll be in my bunk....


  1. Anyone that quotes Jayne Cobb is fine by me.

  2. Not only quotes Jayne, but posts hot pix in her blog!

  3. Oh and there will be more geeky-hotness. Trust me! =)