Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Hump Day #4

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009. Yet again another hump day. But I can’t really call this Wednesday a bad day. This week has yet to truly suck. Sure some things went down…but that happens. I’m staying positive.

Why doesn’t this Wednesday suck you ask? Because I had 4 days off, including Monday. I spent my weekend with Preggers, Pretty Lady, Soldier Boy and my family. Dinners, movies, light shopping, playing and becoming obsessed with Fable II on Xbox (I now officially need a Xbox). I squeezed as much good times in my mini vacation as I could. So when I went back to work on Tuesday, in the afternoon, it didn’t suck. It was like Monday…but a it came on a non-shitty Tuesday afternoon. Ya know? Does that make sense? Maybe not…either way it didn’t suck. But I work retail, and our late hours start November 1st. Now THAT sucks. But that should mean more hours for me, which equals more money, which equals me not becoming a Lady of the Night. I know you’re disappointed.

For those who are having a shitty week…I’m sorry. Let me provide a little comic relief. Yes I know nudes and/or tits would make it better…but….too bad! That’s a Saturday thing.

So as you know I'm an Ohio girl. And I'm one of the few that actually loves living in Ohio. I live in rural Ohio, with all the Amish. Pimp...I know. So when I saw this, I lol'd cause it so very true. The rest of her stuff is pretty damn awesome. Check her gallery out on DevientART.

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