Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Can't Take The Sky From Me

Some days I want to be a hermit. I sit in my room, play on the computer, read, watch movies/TV and talk to either no one or just my family. It's not because I'm mad, sad. Nor am I depressed. Lonely yes..."needy" very...but unhappy? No. My excuse is that I'm an only child and I enjoy my solitude. Makes me think that I'll need to live on my own, sans roommate. That is, unless its a significant other.

The guv-ment is raising the tax on roll your own tobacco supplies. Something like 2000%. This means the family will be seriously cutting back and hopefully quitting. Honestly I'm looking forward to the house, my clothes, the furniture, and myself not smelling of smoke. Of course it'll be super hard, especially that after meal smoke, or a lazy puff after a tiring fuck, or the morning with my coffee drag, or drunk cigarette, or smokin after tokin. *sigh* It's for the greater good...right?


Monday, February 16, 2009

No Peace I Find, Just An Old Sweet Song

Another weekend spent with Radnor is now over and I am now officially ecstatic to be an only child. Love that girl but by the 3rd night I need to run away and sit in silence. She’s like a tornado! Her possessions end up all over my room! Lol But it was a nice weekend, glad I didn’t spend Valentine’s weekend alone. We hung with Sarge’s sister at Honey Buckets, had a beer, ran around town and then proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend in my room watching Ugly Betty and playing with armor. Now I clean and organize. It makes me happy. =)

While I did spend Valentine’s Day with my heterosexual life mate because neither of have a male counterpart…I did end up with a lovely long distance Valentine. Fluff (Zaccy) sent me flowers and a teddy bear. The boy set it up all the way from Texas and got here in time for Valentine’s Day! I’m super impressed…the Barlow family is not one for punctuality. You can count on them being at least 15 minutes late to everything. Miss that boy though.

zomg needs Ides

zomg needs booty


Friday, February 13, 2009

I can has a Valentine?

Zac claims he's sending flowers, or candy, or a stuffed animal from AIT in Texas. Hell...he might send it all. He's got the money, he talked about it today...he just might do it! But knowing him it'll be late. The boy would score major points if he pulls this off.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

En ädel syn ny väntas kan, Styrka uråldrig och ära sann

The sun is attempting to break through the clouds, the wind is cold but the air feels warm, I’m sitting around my room in capri length lounge pants, and my body is aching to go play. Luckily my mind is smarter than my body and tells me the truth…it’s still February, its still winter and it’s still chilly out there. Ohio weather is a dirty, dirty tease.

Even though my hip is bothering me, and my knees sound like pop rocks when I climb stairs, I wanna hop on my bike and go all 30 miles of the trail here in town just to have that feeling of being outside and active. If people were home or I had the ability to get to a Dag practice I’d run around all day with them. But alas I am alone in Mount Vernon. And don’t get me started on the stupid army taking my favorite bored Mount Vernonite who drops everything to play AND pays for shit. Is it April yet?

At least I have March to look forward to. Holy shit there will be a lot of people in this house. It’s like the Ragnarok caravan all over again…but for an extended amount of time. Dad doesn’t seem too pleased with the thought of that many people being upstairs at one time. He seems to think that the house will fall down. Depending the time everyone is here we can take over most of the house. Hell, it might be warm enough we can hang and play outside for a bit. Dad will be just fine sitting in his shop, he’ll have to read his blogs at another time. Mom is very welcoming and pretty excited to see everyone. As long as she has time to sit in the living room alone, drink her coffee and shower we’ll be fine. I expect we won’t be squatting for long. This trip should be epic.

Oh and…I’m so happy that I’m 22, unmarried, not committed to a man, and not pregnant or in possession of a child. Just sayin…

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shes knows she's built, knows how to please

Random thoughts, views, and experiences from the past few days:
  • I make a kick ass deep dish pizza. Homemade crust and sauce included.
  • I love being in the kitchen. And I love being in the kitchen with my mother.
  • I mutha-fuckin poor as shit.
  • I've been a little depressed this past week.
  • I'm in the mood to dance/party on a large scale.
  • I miss him.
  • Mom and dad noticed that I've lost weight. Radnor did too...what the hell did I do to lose weight?! I thought I gained...
  • I'm pretty damn sexy. Just sayin...
  • The History Channel has lost some of its creditability.
  • I'm bored of my "toys" and nothing I watch online excites me anymore. I'm also too lazy to look around for more than 20 minutes.
  • I want to purge/get rid of a bunch of my stuff but I'm still emotionaly attached to it.
  • I have to pee...thus this post is over.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Opinions, Silence and Bunnies.

Nothing like a friends opinion to make you re-think your life and decisions you've made.

And then I remember that I am my own person, I control my life and believe whatever happens happens.

I'm living life as it goes. Not holding my breath, not making or worrying (or trying not to) about plans or the future. I enjoy everyday (somehow).

And that is that.

P.S: Silence is a beautiful thing. I think humanity now a days take it for granted. No one slows down to breathe, listen, and take the world's little things in. Because it's the little things that matter and make life beautiful. Like bunnies... I love bunnies.

It's also the little things that make me rage...just putting that out there.