Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sexy Saturday #2

Its Saturday y'all! That means I'm at work instead of enjoying my weekend like you people with your normal careers. Workin 9 to 5. What a way to make a living... (love me some Dolly).

Any who...with everyone out of town this weekend, and my old booty call no longer my booty call; I'm stuck home (as we know) having fun with Pablo, Gino and the unnamed Blue Dude. Who I broke. I guess that brand doesn't like the way I fuck. With all this this week's photo is super sexy. Last week's was beautiful, soft, and erotic. This week makes me lick my lips with dirty thoughts and dirty memories. You don't see faces, no identity, they're anonymous. Makes it that much more sexy. She's his little slut, she'll do anything for him without a complaint. All she wants to do is please. And when she does, she gets pleasure in return. The pain makes it that much more intense.

Fuck people, this photo is borderline raunchy. And I love it.
Photo was found from one of my dirty followers: SevenInchDick

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