Friday, March 27, 2009

I am secrets untold

(pictured above, Joatoms)
This dude...we call him an "interesting" character. A kind, older gentleman, with that sick, dirty sense of humor that all in our circle have. He joined our ranks recently, bribed us with some delicious booze and charmed us with poems about ourselves. They're too amusing not to share. I am especially intrigued by mine.

(pictured above, Radnor The Baby Raper)
Radnor Shall Rage

Teeth of silver,
horns of jade,
dead baby's bones
Radnor shall rage

Death draws near,
The heat gives hint,
Fire, acid, spewing forth,
Radnor has been sent.

blood on her hands,
And blood on her breath,
But guilt she has not,
Because she loves death.

(Pictured above, Loki)
Loki's Counterfeit Soul

Before you mess with her...there's some things ya should know,
Don't ever fuck with lokis counterfeit Soul...
As quiet as she may be,and sane as she might look..
Stay clear of her wraith...or your body on a hook.
With inner demons like lions to the slaughter...
Your soul will beg for her mercy..your life to cower..
Now I hope you have changed your mind about fucking with her...
Don't know what's your fucking'll see.

(Pictured above, Boz)
Joint in my maw,
drink in my hand,
whore on my lap,
yeah, I've made the score,
in this green land,
lost in dual insanity
without a care,
flogging a Care Bear,
drinking pessimism
as a matter of course.
No help around the corner,
because the problem is not there,
it does not exist,
even to the pessimist,
so take it and enjoy,
live and cry,
take it and die.

(pictured above, Loki and Jester)
An arseole the other day
said they could read me every way,
read me like a bloody book
until from them the life I shook.

Every pleasure in their eyes was gone
as they traveled to oblivion,
and I shed not a tear
as I laughed at their fear.

(Pictured above, Awry, Me)
I am the poison in your veins,
the stride in your walk,
the damp between your thighs,
I hold your reins,
I control your talk,
I fill your pies.

I am secrets untold,
and your fate I hold,
I am not a fantasy,
I am your destiny

(Pictured above, Blackhawk, Non-Militia)
I am a dark sparrow,
A nights raven,
An angel with black wings.
The hawk of black
I am little dark me,
And that’s all I can be.
Please don’t try to change me,
What I am can not be reversed.
I know my fate,
I know I’m cursed.
I’ve been manipulated,
By his blood I’ve been intoxicated.
I’m not sorry or ashamed.
I am what I am because I was betrayed.
But it turned out that I was deceived in the best way.
I’m happy as I am.


  1. Awwww he'd write you one if you asked! Might even write ya one after Rag.