Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crush Kill and Destroy!

Before I blog about my road trip to Georgia, I fell like I should explain Dagorhir. (even if no one read this *cry* *slash wrists* sorry...emo time is over)

Dagorhir, in my own words: Medieval/fantasy/D&D/Tolkien inspired full contact combat played with foam weapons. One dresses in garb (a costume), adopts a persona and name and becomes that “person”. It's kinda epic. Just sayin. There are many units and groups; evil, good, mercs, human, elf, orc, other...anything you can really think of. But there is no can't be from space. There are events all over the country, many in the Midwest area, and the most epic and largest is Ragnarok. Thousands come out, camp, party and camp for a week. Battles are had, tournaments, and parties rage on. Oh and I mention the parties? There are a lot of parties. But the best part is falling asleep to the drums in your tent cuddled up with someone. * sigh *

Now unit (lol unit), The Militia. A rapidly growing group of evil personas, once known as a rag tag of degenerates, infamous for causing trouble and the occasional explosion. Now a days we’re somewhat organized (or attempting to be) and kicking some major ass on the field. People fear us. And we throw a kick ass party with booze and boobs. That’s what it’s all about right?

We do not LARP (Live Action Role Play). Some Dag kids would like to, and they’re welcome to. They form groups within groups to do so. I’m more into the fighting, people, parties and camping.

Yes we’re geeks…but at least we’re not these people.

Need more info that isn't by Dag kids? In need of a creditable source like a TV show featured on The Discovery Channel? Well you're in luck Mister!! Wreckreation Nation did a lovely piece on us, represent us quite well. Give it a lil watch! Part one and Part two.

Few last plugs... Dagorhir and Militia. All kinds of win.

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