Monday, March 23, 2009

My Aim Is True

I don’t know why I enjoy writing disjointed, list form, and random thought journal entries. Maybe it’s because that how I think, it’s how I process my world.

I built a pantry yesterday for my mother. Yes it was one of those from the box things, but I still got to use a cordless drill and stuff. OCD wins when you’re building. That shit is straight, even and level. Looks good, holds lost of things thus opening up the kitchen more and allowing us to be more organized and less cluttered.

Which brings me to my next thought, clutter. We have too much. As a family I mean. The front room, Mom’s room, is ok. Dad’s room looks like a warehouse. Goddamn I hate that room. Shit is just everywhere. Dropped ceilings, dark wood paneling, computer parts, tobacco and filters (we roll our own), CD’s…and everything is covered in a fine layer of dust, ash and the smell of smoke.

Thus my need to overhaul my upstairs rooms. By bedroom isn’t bad. A few things need to go, but after the bed bugs I tend to keep it orderly and clean. My living room is a whole other story. I have too much crap, saved up over the years. Many of it useless, some of it hold memories, and then the rest just needs to find a real home. I want to paint, I want to rearrange, I want to cut back my useless possessions. I want to better display my books.

On to my next thought. (I like how this is flowing, like I planned it!) Books, reading. I need more of this. I have the time but instead I do what most people my age do in this culture. I sit in front of my computer screen or TV (sometimes both) and I click away at pointless things. I’m a slow reader, and a distracted reader. I tend to read 3 maybe 4 books at once, but somehow without confusing any. I think this comes from reading one book for school, one light read for bed and another more difficult one. I read in the morning, with my coffee. It’s bliss. Used to read at the clubhouse while working. Something about reading while at work make me want to read more. I would read at work then when my shift was up I’d go home and read more until dinner. Sounds like I need to be busy to allow myself the luxury of sitting down for a few hours to read. Lord knows I still have no job.

Aaaaaaand onto the next topic! Jobs, work, career ect. I’m hired at my local Fashion Bug, but have yet to start. Still waiting for my last reference to pick up the damn phone and tell them how awesome I am. I assume the background check went well. I need to start working, not just for money, but because I like to work. When I work I stay active, I eat healthier, I exercise, I want to look and feel good because I have a reason to do so.

And now for a list of random thoughts:
  • I love classical music; Night on Bald Mountain was a favorite as a child.
  • I can’t wait for there to be fresh fruit from our farmers market.
  • I want an apartment in the city, but I adore this town.
  • Jethro Tull is fucking bad ass.
  • I can’t stop watching How I Met Your Mother, Barney is so funny!!
  • I hate yard work. No…loathe it. And yet tomorrow I’m volunteering to do it tomorrow.
  • I’m a great daughter.
  • I’m the best thing that could ever happen to you.
  • And I’m the best catch in the sea.

So I think those are my semi-random thoughts of the day (more like the past weekend). Time for a smoke and some groovy music.

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