Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Mamas

Friends are getting married...and then pregnant...

If I would have stayed with him I betcha I'd be engaged right now. Or married. But definitely not carrying an alien in my uterus. Thank GOD I'm not. Not ready...and not stupid.

Makes a single girl seek out Planned Parenthood to get herself some birth control. Just as a precaution. Don't get me wrong, I like kids. Don't love...I like. I'll love my kids though. But I want to love them when I'm pushing 30's, married, with a stable job and possibly a house.

Yea...fuck that shit...gimmie da pill man!

Shorter bleeding times would be nice too.

I'm happy for my friends who are going to have or have had babies. Yay for them.

I charge for babysitting.

Hope Lee's ugly genetics isn't the dominate one...that child would be "special".

9 months til I'm Auntie Whoo. And possibly (if Lee isn't a dickwad...which he will be...) a Godmother (?!?!)

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