Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Can't Take The Sky From Me

Some days I want to be a hermit. I sit in my room, play on the computer, read, watch movies/TV and talk to either no one or just my family. It's not because I'm mad, sad. Nor am I depressed. Lonely yes..."needy" very...but unhappy? No. My excuse is that I'm an only child and I enjoy my solitude. Makes me think that I'll need to live on my own, sans roommate. That is, unless its a significant other.

The guv-ment is raising the tax on roll your own tobacco supplies. Something like 2000%. This means the family will be seriously cutting back and hopefully quitting. Honestly I'm looking forward to the house, my clothes, the furniture, and myself not smelling of smoke. Of course it'll be super hard, especially that after meal smoke, or a lazy puff after a tiring fuck, or the morning with my coffee drag, or drunk cigarette, or smokin after tokin. *sigh* It's for the greater good...right?


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