Saturday, September 5, 2009

Don't forget to brush your musk-ox and piano your iceberg lettuce, yellow traffic cone

I really don't write in this thing much. I feel as tho my "thoughts" are too scattered brained to be collected into a blog/journal entry. Thats why I tweet. If you are on Twitter, you should follow me. I'm kinda worth it...sometimes I feel attractive and post pics.

Whats new with Miss Awry? Not much, the same ole shit. I work, I sleep, I eat (sometimes), I visit the pregnant local BFF, I chill with the other BFF, I miss the the other BFF whos busy as well. (being an adult sucks balls) I miss a boy, I see the boy, I enjoy the attention and visit from other boys. But nothing tops my boy. I can never get enough of him. I'm so proud of him. Wish I could watch him progress and succeed. Someday soon, he knows I'm here and doing what I can from here. He's gonna kick ass =)

Big time loan payments kicked in this month...I don't have the means to pay them...almost took up hooking. Kinda joking. Oh the things we do for money. Thank God for my father. And I talked to my boss, she's scheduling me more hours. If I still need a few extra bucks then I'll start working for Soldier Boy. Maybe...or take up that offer for 32,000+ for 48 hours. (joking again...kinda) Either way this means less Dagorhir, less fun times, and no moving out anytime soon. Yeah...sad panda.

I don't know what I want at times; I do things, I never regret, I wish I had someone to tell all my feelings and secrets.

Good news is that I feel as though I can officially call myself a non-smoker now. Saying this I have a big grin on my face. Feels good. I don't need the cigarette, nor do I want it. But, yes there is a but (no puns please) I have yet to see how I fair while drinking. But I don't smoke after eating, or at my usual times. Nor do I crave one during stressful times.

Lets see, what else...I need to get laid. No, that is an understatement. You know that feeling of such sexual need that its beyond any other description than; I need to be fucked into a coma. Yeah, thats where I am right now. Every dream is lustful. Filled with old fantasies, new fantasies, new lovers, old lovers, lovers I've never met, lovers that don't exist, lovers that I will never have...and every morning I awake in a sweat, breathing heavy and a flood in my boxer briefs. My favorite dreams have been the gang bangs. Full of win and delicious cum. Wow...this just got graphic. But thats what happens when hormones race and no one is around to slow em down.

And now for something completely different and entertaining, You gotta love those silly Scots:
Kenny: So... Yeah, currently, I've got a handful of hot blood-balloon, and I'm trying to make it spit bird shit.
Wicked Awry: watchin porn?
Kenny: Indeed I am.
Kenny: Well, not exactly "watching pron", but close enough.
Kenny: Works the same way.
Wicked Awry: listening to
Kenny: Nah, not really.
Kenny: Listening to porn?
Kenny: How the hell would that work?
Kenny: XD
Kenny: *High pitched "Ungh!"*
Kenny: *Low pitched "ungh!"*
Kenny: *High pitched "Ungh!"*
Kenny: *Low pitched "Ungh!"*
Kenny: *obligatory obscenity*
Kenny: *obligatory "that's hot." or "ooh yes..." agreement comment*
Kenny: *high pitched "Ungh!"*
Kenny: *Low pitched "Ungh!"*
Kenny: *High pitched “waffle ice cream cone”*
Kenny: *Low pitched "WTF?"*
Kenny: *Sound of an aeroplane taking off*
Kenny: *Submarine sonar*
Kenny: *Low pitched "What the hell is going on?!?!?!"*
Kenny: *Slow motion sound of dying spoons*
Kenny: *MOOOOO!*
Kenny: *Low pitched "where the fuck did that cow come from? And where in god's name did it get that space suit?!?!?!"
Kenny: *High pitched "Humanumahumnahumanumanumanumanumanhumanum."

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  1. I've never heard the term "Fucked into a coma" before, but I like it!