Friday, September 18, 2009

Sexy Saturdays!

Would you hate it if I post pointless random shit in this like I do on Twitter? I feel like I should update more but nothing happens in this tiny ass town. I'm sure you all care about my random thoughts.

I think I'm getting sick...I'm not happy about this. Working retail doesn't help. But lets be positive!! I'm alive, I'm loved, and I have a job.

So its Saturday. I proclaim Saturday in my blog as Sexy Photo Of The Week! Could be male, or female, a mix, or both! Who knows what I'm gonna find and how I'm feeling.

So lets kick it off with one of my favorite photographers that I found on Deviant Art. Michael Helms. (I beg you, click on his name and view his gallery. Some are NSFW) The man can do no wrong. Every photo I've seen I fall in love with, and yet each one has a different emotion behind it. Its not just sexy, or fetish, or beautiful. They're funny, romantic, historical, sensual and simple. Simple is why I love him so much. Can't explain it, you just have to look at his photos. Expect a lot of him on Saturdays.

Today we have Kayla. Gorgeous no? I can't say much else, what else could be said?! A great ass and a natural beauty. And once again, simple. Unfortunately I couldn't find a link to her as a model. But to see more of her check out Michael Helms and Perry Gallagher on dA!

(click photo to make it know the drill)

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