Monday, February 16, 2009

No Peace I Find, Just An Old Sweet Song

Another weekend spent with Radnor is now over and I am now officially ecstatic to be an only child. Love that girl but by the 3rd night I need to run away and sit in silence. She’s like a tornado! Her possessions end up all over my room! Lol But it was a nice weekend, glad I didn’t spend Valentine’s weekend alone. We hung with Sarge’s sister at Honey Buckets, had a beer, ran around town and then proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend in my room watching Ugly Betty and playing with armor. Now I clean and organize. It makes me happy. =)

While I did spend Valentine’s Day with my heterosexual life mate because neither of have a male counterpart…I did end up with a lovely long distance Valentine. Fluff (Zaccy) sent me flowers and a teddy bear. The boy set it up all the way from Texas and got here in time for Valentine’s Day! I’m super impressed…the Barlow family is not one for punctuality. You can count on them being at least 15 minutes late to everything. Miss that boy though.

zomg needs Ides

zomg needs booty


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