Saturday, January 9, 2010

Miss me?

Yes, I know, I'm a horrible blogger. Have you been pondering what I've been up to? Well; work, work, sleep, masturbate, Vikings, running away, coming back, hopeless devotion, daydreaming, eat, work, masturbate some more, flirt with BST, clean the house, drink with my girls, obtain an infected thumb and work!

For those who have never worked retail, or retail during the holiday season have no idea how little time to yourself you're allotted. I had no 2 days off in a row, worked until midnight, as well as day before and day after Christmas. Joy. Sadly now, I'm back down to shitty hours. This does insipre one to look around for better, and more stable work. Oh how I long for the 9-5 full time gig. I long for a full weekend. For steady pay, hours, and to not smile at a fat bitch when she calls me an incompetent whore.

So the new year came and went. I did nothing interesting to celebrate. Hung out with The Wife, went to bed early. This means I need to depart this town...very soon...move to the city. Have me some fun.

Seriously people...nothing. You've missed nothing by me not blogging.'ve missed things I can not share here. ;)

Weekly special post are making a comeback. I promise!

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