Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Show Me Your Teeth

This is my obligatory New Year/Resolution Making/Year In Review/Reflection Of The Past blog post. Doo-da. Ma-jigger. Thing.

  • Move out
  • Full time job
  • Car
  • Read more

The End.

Oh and my birthday was something like...2 weeks ago. I spent the weekend drunk with some awesome people. Irish car bombs; my new favorite drink. I chug like a lady. Zac couldn't be there. I was sad. Weekend fun-ness with him is coming up tho! Been too long since I've seen my Boy.

Awww yea... balloon animals

Funny shit coming your way tomorrow. Be prepared.

P.S: Its fap-central here. Ima bout to rape someone.


  1. I approve, of all of the above. The animals stare at me oddly.....i feel like donnie Darko but with less metal and more latex, hmmmm

  2. Do it, get your ass in gear woman! I know you're doing good repaying loans and stuff, but if you can get enough scratch to get a car it'll help with the FT job / moving out part :)