Sunday, April 26, 2009

You're All The Things I've Got To Remember

Hai thar blog! Did you miss me? I missed you...I know...I've been a very bad girl not updating you. But you like it when I'm bad. It turns you on...

Ok, enough with the dirty talk to inanimate objects.

I have nothing to report really. Zaccy is home. It's bliss...most of the time. We play, hang, and chat. I missed him so much, I'm not over him being home yet. I glomp him on a daily basis with said excuse. No one has any idea how much I love and missed him. I have a few best friends, but none know me as well as him and no one ever will.

In other news my fling is over. I need to focus.

Work I enjoy it actually. I love shopping for people, it's kind of awesome. I'm not caught up on my debts yet. Not even close. I'm trying to save, but I don't work much or get paid much and all my money goes straight to paying bills. *sigh* I miss getting tips. Boobs were good for such things. Yay boobies.

The weather has been wonderful the past few days. Wonder how long it will last eh? I haven't gotten the chance to really play in it. Mostly yard work. Which is what I'll be doing today. Zac has/had drill this weekend (and on his b-day! sucks) so no BFF to play with. The talk is there might be a lil chillin today when he gets home. Of next week, neither of us work. Fun times will ensue. Good weather mean a trip to the Columbus Zoo!!! Mom and I go every year. Last year we went in snowed. Yay Ohio?

So did I cover everything? Love, work, weather, friends, family....oh! Sex!


Well...kinda...first adult themed blurb in a blog entry. Yay penis! I has a sore booty.

OK kiddies! Go outside and play! It's beautiful! And wear sunscreen!!

P.S: Is it time for Ragnarok yet?!?!?

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