Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Hump Day #6

Good God I've been a horrible blogger. And know why? Cause I'm lazy. Its that simple. I could pull some excuse out of my sweet, sweet ass like; "I was busy", and I will. Well I was ok!! I was busy beating Plants vs Zombies (OMG SO MUCH FUN), working retail during THE HOLIDAY SEASON (shoot me in the face), trying to keep some sort of order of the house, AND somehow have a social life. On top of all that I was dumb and agreed to work extra hours and Thanksgiving day. But I get time in a half, a gift card, and they provide lunch. Yay money!!

So can you forgive me world? Would you feel better if I posted some hot pics and things to make you giggle? Yeah? Ok then, I will.

Click photos to make em bigger. Durh. And have a Happy Hump Day!

Oh and P.S: STAR TREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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